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Feature Friday 13 Stitches

Recently, we have launched our Feature Friday content. Every week we want to shout you out and celebrate your outstandning work! 

I am sure we can all agree on the outstanding work produced by Steve at 13 Stitches for this project.

The quality of work achieved on the early 911 is second to none. The bold, bright, beautiful colours selected entice you in and capture the heart of the car perfectly.

Is Floyd what you are looking for?

Looking for some new OEM seating material?  Look no further than Floyd Grau Silber. As of now it is not currently in any sample cards however, this is unquestionably a product you should keep an eye on. 

Go, Go, Go for Airflow

Do you ever struggle with the longevity of traditional foam?

Revolutionary new technology has created Airflow. The Airflow system is an alternative to traditional foam. By directly coating a 3D fabric it offers the spacing effect of foam is a single process. Created using 3D polyester which does not break down like foam meaning that you can offer longer lasting finishes.


Many of our customers ask us what canvas material is good for outdoor use. Herre at Boyriven we have a wide range of interior and exterior materials which are suitable for van conversions and outdoor seating. From suede to vinyls to pop top roof materials, we have you covered. 

Perforation Options

Picking your perforation.

Here at Boyriven, we have a wide selection of vinyls, Alcantara, and fabrics. Sometimes you need that little extra touch to make your project stand out, this is where perforation is a great option.

Boyriven Automotive Hoodings

Choosing the right hooding for you

Whether you have a vintage car, classic car or a modern car, we are sure that we stock a suitable automotive hooding for you.  We stock and supply a wide range of hooding for multiple applications. These range from modern car hooding, to the more often request classic car hoodings. Please see below for details on the ranges we supply. 

Official: UK Enduratex Supplier

Here at Boyriven we are the proud distributor of Enduratex faux leathers. We offer 6 ranges in different textures and patterns to suit any need. The best thing about these vinyl’s is that they can be used in pretty much any application.

Looking for a low cost alternative

In the current climate we are all looking to lower our costs wherever we can, Here at Boyriven we aim to do everything we can to make this happen. One of the many ways we do this is by offering a Discount Stock section.

So are you looking for a discount?

Official: UK Alcantara® Supplier - What Alcantara is right for you?

Alcantara® has for many years provided luxury to automotive, marine and domestic sectors. Here at Boyriven we are proud to be the UK’s only distributor for genuine Automotive Alcantara which Is why we are here to help you choose the right one for you.

Official: UK Alcantara® Supplier - Buy/Enquire

For the last 3 years Boyriven has been the UK's official distributor of Genuine Automotive Alcantara®.This is a partnership we are excited to grow and expand in 2023.

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