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Armada Tsunami 126M
Available colours:
Armada Tsunami 126 M
Armada Sugar Cane 123 M
Armada Shallow Water 122 M
Armada Seascape 121 M
Armada Sangria 120 M
Armada Sand Dune 118 M
Armada Sand Dollar 117 M
Armada Sand Beach 119 M
Armada Red Sail 116 M
Armada Purple Haze 115 A
Armada Portside ARM 114 M
Armada Perfect Storm 113 M
Armada Nautilus 112 M
Armada Mystic 111 M
Armada Montego 110 M
Armada Mariner 109 M
Armada Lemon Chiffon 108 M
Armada Island Palm 107 M
Armada Fire Island 106 M
Armada Fiesta ARM 105 M
Armada Ensign 104 M
Armada Breakwater 103 M
Armada Biscay Ivory 102 M
Armada Baltic 101 M
Armada Atlantic Mist 100 M
Armada Deck Grey 240 M
Armada Grey Mist 237 M
Armada Pure White 234 M
Armada Glacier 231 M
Armada Green Sand 243 M
Armada Starboard Red 246 M
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Width 137cm
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Product details:

Armada is a tight grained marine vinyl by Enduratex. This vinyl combines mildew & UV resistance for a wide range of applications.

Markets and uses:
Market : Upholstery / Contract Furniture, Marine & Leisure, Automotive Use : Interior, Domestic, Outdoor / Waterproof

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