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S1922 Spray Adhesive 5L

S1922 5L Spray Adhesive is a sprayable adhesive uses within a variety of upholstery sectors. 

Typical Applications: 

  • Automotive Industry: Bonds to many of the substrates commonly used in automotive industry such as polyester, ABS, metals, plastics and leather cotton backed PVC

  • Building Industry: Bonding a wide range of materials including Asbestolux, Plasterboard, Plywood, Chipboard, rigid Polyurethane and PVC foam, laminated plastics, copper and aluminium foils, vitreous enameled metal paints and other painted surfaces.

  • Laminate Industry: Bonding laminated plastic veneers, such as Formica, Arborite and Perstop, etc, to a wide variety of core materials.

  • Furniture Industry: Bonding foam cushioning to molded chair shells and settees S.1922 will withstand the heavy bull nosing required for edge finishing.

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