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What are the most durable materials to choose for your yachts and cars?

Why durability matters

Heavy-use items require more hard-wearing, yet comfortable fabrics. This may be for pieces that will be used every day, such as flooring and seating on public transport or a family car. You also need to consider the environment of yachts and cars as this will have a huge effect on its lifespan. For example, upholstery in a spot that catches lots of direct sunlight will be damaged faster than one kept in the shade. Similarly, if you are selecting a material for upholstering outside seating on a yacht, you will need to select a fabric that can withstand a large amount of direct sunlight without fading.

If the placement puts the upholstery at high risk of having damaging substances split on them, choosing a material that is fortified with Enduatex’s Forbid topcoat will ensure that it is well protected and easy to clean. Enduratex is a leading supplier of versatile and colourful performance coated fabrics. Selected Enduratex products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the Automotive, Contract, Healthcare and other public space industries.

What are the most durable fabrics?

Vinyl is a classic upholstery for boats. Your thoughts may turn to 80s crime dramas, but unlike shoulder pads, Vinyl has lasted the test of time. It’s hard wearing and flexible, so it can fit snugly on any item. Vinyl for yachts is often coated in a finish designed to protect the fabric from the elements, making it easy to clean and not susceptible to fading. It can be disinfected easily and wiped down with ease! For added style, vinyl also comes in a range of colours.


Vinyl fabric is also a strong choice for car seats because of similar reasons to yachts, being easy to clean and maintain. Take a look at our wide range of Vinyl materials here.


Man-made PVC materials come in a range of different styles, colours and textures. One of these is mesh fabrics. Mesh fabrics designed for boats are quick-drying and are made with Vinyl materials. Which, as we know, is a perfect material for yachts.


Leather is a cost-effective, luxurious and sturdy material which makes a perfect upholstery for cars. It can last for years if you care for it properly; you need to make sure you use the right products for cleaning, and that you don’t leave it too long between cleans, otherwise its age will show. Leather is an everyday material that can withstand scratches and tears. The tears or scratches that do get through are very easy to repair. Check out our collection of leather here.


Nylon is a durable, inexpensive and decently stain-resistant fabric. While dirt can get stuck in polyester, it’s simple to clean. Nylon, however, is almost completely resistant to abrasions.


We have an extensive selection of fabric to suit every type of project and application. To order a sample, simply select the fabric you would like and add to your basket, submit your completed samples order to our dedicated sales team, or call 01264 771414


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Foam Backed Vinyls

Foam backed vinyls are often seen as the pride of marine upholstery. Used for headlinings & wall linings, we proudly offer foam backed vinyls for all upholstery needs. 

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