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Why is leather one of the best materials for upholstery?


Simply put, leather looks great. It creates a classy appearance to any item or line, whether you’re seeking a modern or classic vibe; it never fails to impress. Leather’s ability to mix classic aesthetics with traditional techniques and still create a contemporary product sets it apart from other materials. Moreover, it’s not only long-lasting in a durability sense, but also in a fashion sense. Leather has never come out of style in upholstery. It will continue to look good for years to come and your line, whether they’re cars, aeroplanes or yachts will stay on-trend in the future. Leather is a real investment of practicality and style, making it a great investment financially.


If cared for properly leather can last for years. Ensuring your leather seats have some TLC here and there will keep your leather looking smart and sophisticated. A naturally tough material, leather really comes into its own with wear and tear. Adaptable for everyday use, it can withstand scratches, tears and punctures that other fabrics wouldn’t. If a tear does occur, then repairs are easy to make. Its durability and breathability make it ideal for heavy-duty automobiles such as 4x4’s.


Leather is, without a doubt one of the easiest materials to clean, making it a great choice for all upholstery applications, and again more heavy-duty cars or yachts. Most spills will wipe off without leaving a mark and a gentle dusting will get rid of dust and other bits lurking around. Comparing this to other fabrics you can see just how simple cleaning leather is. Fabric often soaks up spills and holds onto dirt for a long time, it also absorbs odours (unlike leather). Cleaning or fumigating fabric upholstery will sometimes damage the material.


Another benefit of leather is that it’s hypoallergenic. For the upholstery of public transport, such as coaches and planes where hundreds of people will use each seat, choosing leather is a full proof way of keeping as many customers as possible happy by appealing to allergy sufferers. Because of its smooth surface, leather doesn’t retain much dust, pollen and pet hair as fabric does.


Many mass-manufactured, mass-produced and man-made fabrics seek to find a perfect finish. Leather, however, is a natural substance. Therefore, no one piece of upholstery leather will look the same. This makes leather a unique material – raising the game for your car/yacht/aeroplane/sofa. Each leather sofa, while being part of a range, is different from another. For high-end cars and yachts, buyers will see leather as a smart and distinctive material that gives your automobile an edge – after all, customer’s revel in having something that is one-of-a-kind.


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