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There is a massive range of products at Boyriven which many of our customers are not aware of. In part 1 of this blog, we are going look at product ranges that we are unable to place in pattern cards or send out samples of and hence difficult to advertise unless you’re subscribed to our emailing lists. All of the products mentioned below are on pages 35-36 of our latest Price List. Give us a call on 01264771414 if you wish to be added to our emailing list.


Black painted and grained 123cm x 78cm x 2mm. Available only 2mm thick and is ideal for door panels, parcel shelfs etc...

PVC Pencils:

Available in red, yellow, black & white. Our 1-inch thick pencils are sold by the dozen (box) and are suitable for Leather, Vinyl, PVC marking.


We provide 4 different types of shears. Polished Tailors Shears available in 8, 10 & 12 Inches. Alternatively, we have 10-inch Straight Wiss Polished Shears also available.


Polyester/Cotton core spun, glace. Suitable for hoods, tarpaulins, tents, heavy fabrics & decorative stitching. Available in M20 (2000m), M25 (2750m) and M35 (4000m) thicknesses and a range of 60 shades.

Nylon Button Twine:

Made of superior quality white nylon, this twine has high tensile strength required for holding buttons in place. This is sold be the 1/5 lb.


Soft, thick material used to line garments or pack fragile items. 32 oz cotton waste, 18 inches wide and 20m long.

Tailors Chalk:

Traditional tailors chalk made from China Clay. Tailors Chalk is made so that the mark will stay on whilst work is in progress and as easy as possible to brush off when the work is finished. We advise to test on the back of the fabric before usage.

As we are unable to send out samples of any of these products get in contact with our sales team if you need to know any more information, they would also be happy to send out pictures upon request!

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Boyriven are proud suppliers to some of the world's premium brands

"After contacting Boyriven for advice on fabric selection, I was left in no doubt that I had contacted the right people for the job. Great communication, service and products!"

Interior Trim, BMW Mini

“Boyriven has been our supplier for over three years. Their product range is extensive and the level of service and support provided by the team is outstanding.”

Alan Bowers – English Harbour Yachts

"Boyriven delivered everything in a very efficient and timely manner with complete reliability. We are delighted with the products supplied and service provided."

Paula Mitchell - Clementine Creative

“After 42 years in the trade I thought another fabric supplier would not be of interest — I was wrong. Boyriven’s new fabrics and innovation have revitalised our range.”

Andrew Sykes - Foam for Comfort

"Boyriven continually work with us – and with our first tier customers – on new products, helping us to specify different fabrics and being totally responsive to our needs.”

Lee Ness - Global Upholstery Solutions

“Good quality products, reliable service, competitive prices and speedy delivery — what more could you ask for? Keep up the good work, Boyriven!”

Sam Gibbs - Upholstery Courses UK

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