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Boyriven Automotive Hoodings


A couple of months ago before lockdown we posted a blog showcasing our entire headlining range with everything you might need to know about them. We also have a variety of different hooding ranges at Boyriven available in a selection of different colours. Check out the specification table below and previous blogs which you may be interested in!

Contract Rivenhood:

Usually used on luxury sports cards, Contract Rivenhood is commonly referred to as Mohair hooding, it is a waterproof canvas-effect woven material. The cross woven fabric means it is one of the easiest to fit. This hooding material is 150cm wide, available in 6 colours and is supplied with either a black or fawn dobby backing.

Dobby Lining:

Dobby lining is an extremely thin lining material often used on the underside of hooding material such as our Contract Rivenhood. It can be sold separately and available in either black or fawn. The material is 173cm wide and available in cut pieces or 25m rolls.

Duck Hooding:

Also known as double duck, it is the traditional material used for trimming the hoods of pre-war and vintage vehicles. This tightly-woven canvas is a watertight as well as flexible cotton-type hooding solution, ideal for keeping the wind and rain out of vintage Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Aston Martins, MGs and more.

Wigan Hooding:

Wigan hooding is used for trimming the hoods of classic cars. The material comes with a very fine weave and is quite light weight. Only available in black.

Stayfast Hooding:

Stayfast is a black mohair material that is extremely high quality and stylish. Stayfast hoods do not shrink, the waterproof membrane makes the fabric very stable. The material is also 150cm wide and is also only available in black.

Everflex Hooding:

Our Everflex is the perfect material for making a vinyl hood for a car. Everflex has unparalleled waterproofing properties and is extremely durable. The range of 10 classic colours means you’ll be able to find the ideal shade for any vehicle.

Sateen Hooding:

A very thin PVC vinyl hooding material. Suitable for Marine aswell as automotive use. Available in 5 different colors.

  Contract Duck Wigan Stayfast Everflex Sateen
Width 150cm 173cm 173cm 150cm 137cm 150cm
Roll Length 25m 20m 25m 25m 30m 25m
Weight 820gsm 950/1100gsm 836gsm 820gsm 810g/m2 610g/m
Thickness - - - - - -


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