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Exclusive: UK Alcantara Supplier


Boyriven has always specialised in providing premium quality materials such as Alcantara. Going into 2020 we are proud to announce our partnership with Alcantara and that we have become the sole supplier of automotive Alcantara within the UK.

Alcantara is a man-made suede fabric based in Italy. Invented by the Japanese in the 1970s it is composed of about 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane which helps provide the material with improved durability and stain resistance and is a kind of synthetic material. Often, Alcantara is used for automotive purposes and to act as a substitute for leathers and vinyls. However, it can be used for most indoor Upholstery purposes in the Design/Fashion industry.

Despite having a similar appearance to suede fabrics, Alcantara can endure much harsher environments without ruining its appearance. The Alcantara friction coefficient is extremely high allowing it to be very abrasion resistant and suitable for interior automotive purposes such as seating, steering wheels, panels and roofing. Furthermore, Alcantara has excellent anti-fouling and fire-resistant ratings. Too see all dimensions and specifications look at the table below.

Width 142cm
Weight 230g (sqm)
Thickness 0.83mm
Composition 68% Polyester / 32% Polyurethene
Roll Length 50m



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